High School Juniors and Parents (Class of 2023),

If you haven't already, you may soon be receiving information from your 'school photographer' (aka mass market contracted photographer) telling you that you must have your Senior Portraits taken by them. This is not entirely true. Be cautious of the wording that this photographer may use. Words such as ''suggested', 'preferred' and 'recommended' DO NOT mean 'required'. Be an informed consumer!!

Each high school has their own requirements for various reasons but when it comes down to it.. you DO have a choice about who captures your Senior Portraits!

If your school DOES NOT have a required photographer.. your Yearbook Portrait as well as your 'real' portraits, those that you'll proudly display above your fireplace and share with family/friends, can be captured by the photographer of YOUR CHOICE.

If your school DOES have a required photographer.. it is true that they will need to capture your Yearbook Portrait (the one that will be printed in your yearbook). But that is your only requirement. You are not obligated to purchase anything from them. Your 'real' portraits can be captured by the photographer of YOUR CHOICE.

When you choose Brenda Ryan Photography you choose:

      - creative and individualized Senior Portraits, not cookie cutter poses and backgrounds.

      - to work with one professional from first inquiry to final product, not an assembly line of workers.

      - great products at a great price, not overpriced products from a contracted photographer with a captive market.

      - to sit in the comfort of your own home, at a convenient time for you, to view your online proofs. You will never be subjected to high-pressure sales tactics. (If you prefer a casual, in-person viewing/ordering session, at no charge, just let me know.. it's YOUR CHOICE)!

Contact me today.. I would love to capture truly great 'customized just for you' Senior Portraits!



(603) 521-2029

  • Brenda Ryan

    on May 2, 2022

    A lil peeve of mine. Can ya tell?

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